Safely Back in Washington

Vicki, the two Huskies, and I drove down to Boston on Tuesday and eventually got the dogs checked into Alaska Airlines cargo for the flight to Seattle. We were told initially that the dogs had to be delivered to Alaska’s cargo terminal and got as far as getting them out of the rented SUV, into the cargo area, and up on the scales before they figured out that a mistake had been made and that they were booked under some other designation that required that we check them curbside (not exactly a simple process with a rental car that needs to be returned elsewhere). Long story short, we got on the flight and arrived safely. Remind me to blog on the major security loophole in TSA’s process for transporting live animals on flights later when I have more time…
We all finally got back to the new house in Duvall after midnight early Wednesday morning. The dogs went nuts running around which was cool until Cody came charging down a hill in front of the house and ran out of ground and took a really nasty header into the driveway. I was 40′ away and was pretty sure that he was badly injurred by the fall. But he seems okay which is amazing, and quite lucky because it would have been pretty much impossible to get him emergency vet care quickly at that hour. So, we’re really thankful that he seems to be okay but we’re keeping an eye on him… Kyra, as always, seems to be perfectly happy to be anywhere we are and adapts very quickly.
Yesterday (Wednesday), I called out of work and we walked the dogs and did errands. I’m back a work today. Vicki has an interview tomorrow… Still need to sell the house in Maine. Man — I can’t wait for things to be normal-like again.
Thanks to everyone who saw us off, and checked in on us to make sure we arrived safely. We love you guys!

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