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Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet

Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet ^- A great cheat sheet cited in a recent post on Lambda the Ultimate – The Programming Languages Weblog. I wish I remembered all of this from my undergraduate EE / CS days… At least … Continue reading

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“The Windows (Vista) Shutdown Menu crapfest”

Here’s an interesting blog entry by former Microsoft employee Moishe Lettvin that details his frustrations working as a developer on the Vista Shutdown "Feature" team. I found the comments to be particularly interesting.   The Windows Shutdown crapfest

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New Stroustrup Interview posted on TR

MIT’s Technology Review has posted a great interview with Bjarne Stroustrup entitled "The Problem with Programming". It’s well worth a read regardless of your like / dislike for the C++ programming language. The Problem With Programming – Nov. 28th 2006 … Continue reading

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Windows Live 3D Earth

I was messing around with Microsoft Live’s new 3D Earth application on Local Live yesterday. Man is it cool. Way better than Google Earth. I particularly like the ability to fly over the surface at an angle – a perspective that … Continue reading

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Vista Goes Gold

Yesterday morning the last of the required signoffs were completed and Windows Vista was released to manufacturing. Here’s some additional information on the Vista RTM   It’s Time – Jim Allchin’s post on the Vista blog Vista Ultimate Box – a photos … Continue reading

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Duvall Island

Record flooding of the Snoqualmie River turned the towns of Carnation and Duvall into islands yesterday by flooding all roads across the Snoqualmie River valley for the past thirty hours. I just got into work by driving South on Route … Continue reading

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Convergence of Computing and Biology

Many predict that computing and molecular biology will ultimately converge. iGEM 2006 makes you wonder how far away this really is…   iGEM 2006 – Can simple biological systems be built from standard, interchangeable parts and operated in living cells? … Continue reading

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Windows Vista + IE7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some public links that document Windows Vista and IE7 keyboard shortcuts:   Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts Many of keyboard shortcuts listed in the links above are nothing new and have been around … Continue reading

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