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Useful Windows Shell Trick

When resizing the width of a column in a Windows application (e.g. Explorer) you typically left-click-drag the column header to the desired width. Intead of left-click-dragging the column header, try double clicking the column divider. Move the mouse cursor over … Continue reading

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Power Restored Last Evening

The power got restored last evening seven days after the windstorm took down all the lines. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever been without electricity. I had planned to go out Christmas shopping last weekend but that didn’t happen … Continue reading

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Off the Grid

When the windstorm hit us Thursday night I was unprepared for an extended power outage. So were many other people who quickly bought up the local supply of generators. Also, there were quite a few people who camped out at … Continue reading

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There is Unrest in the Forest, There is Trouble With the Trees…

… No oaks ignoring maples. But, the Douglas Firs and Cedars are pissed off. Last Thursday night’s storm was scary as we lay awake in bed listening to the trees crashing down around the house. Luckily we sustained no damage … Continue reading

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100 Rules for NASA Project Managers

This link made the rounds on one of my mailing lists earlier today. 100 Rules for NASA Project Managers

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