There is Unrest in the Forest, There is Trouble With the Trees…

… No oaks ignoring maples. But, the Douglas Firs and Cedars are pissed off. Last Thursday night’s storm was scary as we lay awake in bed listening to the trees crashing down around the house. Luckily we sustained no damage to the house and cars – amazing… A dozen or so Douglas Firs fell behind the house and all stacked up pointing North. Had they come East the house would have been completely destroyed. Likewise, if any of the trees on the East hill overlooking the house had fallen it would have taken out the cars and the house…

Spent most of Friday and Saturday cutting out of the driveway and down the private road to get to the paved road out to Duvall. The neighbors lost several of their Huskies who ran away after a giant cotton wood crushed the corner of their kennel. Don’t ask me why those dogs were outside during the storm… But that’s another post for another day. It was a good excuse to meet some of the neighbors while taking breaks to sharpen the chainsaw chain.

This afternoon I got a small 1850 Watt generator jacked into the breaker panel so we now have lights and heat again. Unfortunately the well is offline until the big generator I have on order arrives. They estimate that they’ll have power restored in Duvall by this weekend. However, it’s my guess that it will be another week, maybe two, before they get the power back on out here… They’re going to need to replace twenty miles of phone polls and lines before they flip the switch…

For posterity, here’s a cut-n-paste from the Puget Sound Energy website:

Storm Recovery Update

As of 6 p.m. PST, Dec. 18, 2006*


scope and severity of damage to Puget Sound Energy’s electric system

from Friday’s windstorm is unprecedented. In many hard-hit areas, our

crews are having to re-build the system from the substation to

customers’ doors – after downed trees and debris are cleared away.

Crews now have successfully repaired the core backbone of the system –

our high-voltage transmission grid – and as of midmorning Monday,

they’d restored power to more than 525,000 of the 700,000 customers who

lost power.

We’re continuing to repair other portions of our

transmission and distribution systems, with more than 400 crews,

representing over 2,000 workers, involved in the restoration effort.

Besides our local crews, PSE has enlisted nearly 170 additional crews

from across the western United States and Canada to help restore

customers’ power, and two dozen more crews are arriving later today

from Missouri. Because the storm’s damage is so widespread, however, we

believe it will take most of this week to restore power to everyone in

the hardest-hit areas.

Carnation, Duvall, Fall City, Snoqualmie and North Bend areas


work in the heavily damaged Snoqualmie Valley will continue late into

the week, perhaps Friday or Saturday. The North Bend, Snoqualmie and

Snoqualmie Valley areas were among those hardest hit within our service

area. Work is focused on restoring the high-voltage transmission grid

and the substations that feed electricity to local neighborhoods. We

hope to have our substations in these areas re-energized by midweek.

Once this work is complete, we can concentrate on repairing the local

distribution lines that serve customers.


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