Cool K2 Ski Graphics

Vicki and I were hanging around in the Marmot store in Bellevue yesterday (a great gear store with a much better selection than REI) and I was checking out the K2 Mt. Baker and Shuksan skis. Not that I need new skis – I love my new Atomics and Lange boots that I got last season. But, the graphics on these K2’s are great (those who know me know I love Northwestern indian art). Check these:
I’ve been too busy to get out on the boards this season. But, there’s plenty of snow in the Cascades and have promised Vicki that we’ll get out and check Stevens Pass (about an hour from the house in Duvall) and Crystal Mountain (two and a half hour drive South from Duvall to get to the Crystal Mountain / Mount Rainier National Park entrance). And, of course there’s always the four and a half hour drive North to Whistler BC (guess I need to file the paperwork to get a passport now to cross the border into Canada… what a drag A?). Another area that I just heard about is Alpental (The Summit at Snoqualmie Pass).

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