Windows Media Player 11 Taskbar Settings

Booting a clean install of Vista Ultimate, the first time you minimize Windows Media Player (WMP) 11 you’re prompted to decide if you want WMP to display itself as either a standard taskbar task icon OR a taskbar-embedded mini-player. I elect the taskbar-embedded mini-player-on-minimize option and continue on. Later, I decide I prefer the standard taskbar icon-on-minimize display option because restoring the mini-player window requires a precise mouse action. But how to restore the standard behavior?
After drilling through all the WMP option menu dialog boxes I’ve come up with nothing. WMP prompts you but doesn’t appear to expose the setting anywhere. As with most things Winows, the work-around is trivial if not a little counterintuitive. The WMP mini-player embedded in the taskbar is a so-called taskbar toolbar. Toggle mini-player vs. standard-taskbar-icon-on-minimize behavior as follows:
  • right-click the taskbar and unlock the taskbar if it’s locked
  • toogle WMP mini-player-on-minimize by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting the Toolbars | Windows Media Player checkbox-menu item.

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6 Responses to Windows Media Player 11 Taskbar Settings

  1. Jake says:

    nice call. mine flipped out and wouldn\’t go into the taskbar it made me sad.  luckily i strolled across this and you fixed it.  thanks a bundle you just saved me an eight hour call with Microsoft!

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks for the info. Exactly what I needed

  3. Klemen says:

    Thanks, just what I needed too!

  4. . says:

    This is not a setting, SHIT POST.Mini Player has no setting, only tunr on or off.

  5. Kyung-min says:

    Kashim I find your post very immature and rude, I don\’t blame you but see that your parents failed to bring you up as a decent member of society ( most likely reflecting how they themselves are social failures ) On a positive not Thanks to the Op-  This information was exactly what i needed, many thanks for the post.

  6. hi. thanks for the info. still having problem minimizing player to the toolbar

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