Please insert a CD

I’m sitting on the sofa with my wireless keyboard/mouse typing this message. My workstation is ten feet away from me connected to an HDTV. I want to rip the audio CD that I just dropped in the tray before I sat down. But, I forgot to retract the drive tray.
Right about now it sure would be handy if the right-click conext menu item "Eject" normally associated with Windows optical drives toggled state to "Retract" when the drive tray is ejected. Sounds like a good lunchtime hack to figure out how to change the behavior. I’m getting up to push the button now.

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5 Responses to Please insert a CD

  1. Randy says:

    I so love your humor!  Seen your msn space listed, and been surfing around some to get my MIND OFF music for a while, and enjoy our kickin\’ MSN Blog Space Communtity!  MSN really did some cool tinking and planning with this live windows thing!  I se the big picture now.. sort of.. I\’m no techy guru.. but so love the tech stuff! lol  learned fast in two years..
    And I am a BIG FAN of MICROSOFT\’S SOFTWARE Chris-Russel!  I really do… and I admire you guys & girls to out there that design, or creative, software!!  o cool man! I guess it\’s sort of like writing a song.. from the ground up."  I wouldn\’t know where to start drawing up & creating plans for a new software programs.. so you guys \’are so totally rockin\’!  But composing.. yeap! that I can create.. lol   Really, I have enjoyed this belief visit to your msn web blog (space), and hope to return, as I am one busy guy! But still love the internet…..and use it a lot.. so keep that awesome software coming at us out here Chris.. I love Microsoft\’s stuff… always have!  "It\’s rockin too"!
    Friendly MSN Space Hugs,
    BareFootin\’ Blues

  2. Chris says:

    I saw a thread on an internal Microsoft mailing list recently where it was asserted that most optical drives don\’t expose a protocol for retracting the disc tray. Presumably, they rely solely on the physical push of the load button or a microswitch toggle when the tray is manually pushed in. I haven\’t actually confirmed this but it would explain the lack of what I think is an obviously useful feature. Why wouldn\’t this be supported I wonder? Anyway, there are more important stuff to worry about…

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