In Memory of Kyra Husky

I am extremely sad to report that our female Siberian Husky Kyra died today two months shy of her tenth birthday due to liver cancer. We first became aware of a potentially serious problem on Tuesday and an ultrasound, an exploratory surgery and three days and she’s gone. She was loved dearly and will be sorely missed.

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13 Responses to In Memory of Kyra Husky

  1. 50.10 says:

    Well, I thought the comment I\’ve posted had been deleted. & I guessed that, the reason was,
    U never thought someone could really understand what you exactly felt at Kyra.
    Maybe I couldnot recognized the meaning of her death to u, it was true..
    But at least, I\’m feeling, giving, the same what u used to.
    I loved my kittens, my MinMin, my NiuNiu, my PangPang, & my XiaoXiao.
    They\’re the ones I\’m missing every minute,
                                                   –no matter what I\’m doing, & no matter who I\’m sitting with!!!
    Try not to settle yourself alone; 
    \’Cos noone will have the mood to cheat you.
    At least, I won\’t.

  2. 50.10 says:

    By the way, I\’ve already downloaded all the pictures of Kyra.
    That\’s because, I want to remember her, miss her & wish her a happier life at the paradise.

  3. Chris says:

    I did delete the initial comment but please don\’t take it personally. I was upset. But, thanks for the kind words.

  4. Gene says:

    Sorry about your loss.
    This was a true blue beauty.

  5. SABRINA says:

    Dear Vicki and Chris,
                 You do not know me, and I hope you don’t mind me sending you this message. I am new to the internet “people sites” if that’s even what they are called. My children have convinced me this is how people meet other people. So as I was trying to just find other adults with similar interest to become friends with I ran across your site again, and again. I know you put it up to communicate with your family and friends but your site popped up with just about every interest I looked up. I am writing now because I wanted to express my sadness at your resent loss. I know Kyra will be missed by you both, and Cody. She was beautiful and her pictures show how much she was loved by you all. My children and I have an eighteen month old Great Pyrenees, named Nicki. I understand your loss, and I will be thinking of you all.
    Sincerely,  Sabrina Norton

  6. Sophie says:

    Forever alive in your heart

  7. Vanilla says:

    What a beautiful dog she was indeed!

  8. Drew Marold says:

    My deepest condolences to you & Vicky. She was a great dog.<a href="; title="Kyra Husky – 4/1999 to 2/2008 by UnstoppableDrew, on Flickr"><img src="; width="100" height="75" alt="Kyra Husky – 4/1999 to 2/2008" /></a>

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