Joining Windows Core

At the end of February, I transferred inside the Windows Division and joined the Application Platform Team (part of Windows Core Engineering). This is a big deal for me personally as I have been hired to help solve some vexing problems that have interested me for years.

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3 Responses to Joining Windows Core

  1. Drew Marold says:

    Where should we send the list of grievances to be fixed ?

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Drew! My friend Matt (another Microsoft employee) forwarded me a voice mail he received the other day from an irritated and obviously novice computer user who was having some sort of problem getting Vista to do what he wanted on his new computer. The customer had called the wrong number after hours and left a three-minute message (including some pretty hilarious threats). As funny as I found the threats, I didn\’t think the call was amusing. Rather, it demonstrates that there\’s much work to be done to make sure that few have such miserable experiences with Windows (FWIW, I run Vista here at work and at home and it works very well given supported hardware – SP1 fixes my only really major complaint about the speed of file copies).
    I can\’t discuss the details of what I\’m working on but you should know that there are some really smart people working really hard to re-examine some base assumptions and make substantial progress towards an OS that not only rocks, but which recaptures that HOLY S%%% rush that most of haven\’t felt since the first time we booted Windows 95 or threw out our V.90 modems in favor of a cable modem.
    If you have specific issues and time to write them up, send them to me via private e-mail. It\’s possible that stuff I\’m working on is related. Quite possibly not too. In any case, I would be interested in your opinion.

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