Cruise To Mt. St. Helens

I haven’t posted for awhile. Been busy @ work and around the house on weekends. But last Saturday I didn’t write code or work in the yard. Instead I cruised with eighteen other Mazda 3’s (mostly Mazdaspeed 3’s) driven by members of the Northwest Mazda club up to Mt. St. Helens and back. It was a blast.
Here’s some video published by some of the others in the group:
^— This is actually pretty tame. There’s another guy named Drew who has a camera mount in his car and I’m waiting for him to complete editing his footage. He’s got the really good stuff (absolutely insane cruise from the visitor’s center about 15-miles up through the twisties to the Johnson Observatory overlooking Mt. St. Helens).
I’ve posted some photos on Flickr as well that are available here:



I had so much fun that I’ve proposed another cruise that will take us 400 miles around the North Cascades Highway loop in Washington. There seems to be some keen interest in hitting the twisty mountain roads. I can’t wait. Here’s my proposed route:


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2 Responses to Cruise To Mt. St. Helens

  1. Chris says:

    Ha it\’s funny to read my own posts several years later 🙂 Still hanging out with these guys. Good times.

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