How to Kill a Year’s Worth of Effort w/One Mouse Click

I recently discovered what I consider to be a major design flaw in the Zune client software that allows some idiot like me to accidentally select their entire music collection (in my case in excess of 25K tracks) and change the my rating for every single fragging track in a single mouse click – no undo, no recourse. This is extremely evil because it overwrites my actual track ratings. Consider that 25K+ tracks is 3-4 months worth of 24×7 continuous music without a track repeat (or about a solid year’s worth of listening if you actually sleep and have some periods of silence during waking hours). It takes an enormous ammount of time to rate a music collection of this size and to loose all you ratings in one mouse click is depressing to say the least. To make matters worse, I leverage a feature called auto playlists in Zune which create playlists based on my ratings and then sync the playlists to my Zune device. The consequence of my mouse click was to overwrite my ratings and destroy my playlists.
Anyway, I’m mostly over it. To recover I deleted the entire contents of my Zune device (10K+ tracks) and started over from scratch. In the process of filling the 80GB drive back up it has occurred to me that I’m bored with all my music. I need new tunes. Tell me what you think are the best 5 CD’s of the past ten years please (add a comment to this post).
Thanks for the help!

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1 Response to How to Kill a Year’s Worth of Effort w/One Mouse Click

  1. Joel says:

    Matt Kearney – Nothing Left To LoseOne Republic – Dreaming Out LoudJohn Mayer – ContinuumColdplay – Viva La VidaAmy Winehouse – Back to Black

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