Word 2010 Outline Numbering >:/

Suppose you want to create a Word 2010 document with an outline numbered like this:
1. blah
1.1 blah
1.2 blah
1.3 blah
2 blah
2.1 blah
Yea? Good fucking luck figuring that out. Man this program pisses me off. I’ll write HTML any day and actually get some work done.

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1 Response to Word 2010 Outline Numbering >:/

  1. Jason Siegel says:

    You are so totally right. I have been using PC’s since DOS 2.0, and word since verion 1.0. Even now in 2012 I can’t figure out how to get it to outline the way I want. I even designed a new style, that sets everything as I like included a name, and then when I go to apply it to my new phrases, I can’t find it in the styles. WTF !

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