Drive Photos


^– Dave’s RX8 and my Evo X at Randal, WA pit stop before launching into the Mt. St. Helen’s Volcanic Monument.


^– Heading East on WA 14 towards White Salmon on the banks of the Hood River.


^– Jake found an amazing campground on a bluff overlooking the Hood River (Mt. Hood to the South).


^– Early Sunday AM in camp. I woke up early and took a walk around.


^– Andy’s Honday S2000 and Jake’s Nissan 350Z Nismo (amazing car and quite an even match for a stock Evo in the twisties).


^– Hood River and Mt. Hood as viewed from camp. Amazing.


^– Another view from camp on Sunday morning.


^– The ‘camp master’ is a ‘character’. Don’t think he gets very many people to talk to 🙂


^– $20 campsite. Definitely going back here.


^– The land around the camp reminded us all of the hills around Palo Alto. Only better because it doesn’t cost $50K/square inch.

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