3GS denied iOS 5 upgrade drains battery in envy?

There’s buzz about iPhone 4GS/iOS 5 battery life issues and talk about iOS 5 performance on older 3GS device hardware that has some 3GS owners like me holding off on the OS upgrade. iTunes offers me the upgrade but I’ve so far declined to apply the patch.

What’s puzzling me is that right around the time iOS 5 became available my 3GS started to experience major battery life issues. But I have not applied the iOS 5 upgrade patch. Is this just happenstance that I observe a sudden change in batter consumption shortly after declining to upgrade my 3GS to iOS 5?

The coincidence makes me wonder if other 3GS owners who have not upgraded to iOS 5 but who have recently backed up and synchronized their device with iTunes are now suddenly having battery life issues?

Should iPhone 3GS owners upgrade to iOS 5?

Update: After digging around on the Apple support site my theory is that an iOS background task is spinning on the phone consuming the battery. To test this theory I’ve killed all background applications on the phone and disabled core iOS location and network sync of e-mail, calendars and contacts. The hypothesis is that battery life should now return to normal. If true, then I’ll start re-enabling features to try to narrow it down. If false, then a $20 3GS replacement battery kit will be the next experiment.

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