Rest in peace grandfather

Rest in peace grandfather.

David Russell Sr., Parker Hill, Springfield, Vermont, April, 1913 – December, 2011

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  1. What irony is this! I picked up your grandfather’s book at Dr. Ryder’s in Springfield a month or two ago and just found it in the car last night. I stayed up late reading it and had it on my mind this morning. (In fact, it got me over the hump of writer’s block on my annual year-in-review poem and I am halfway through it this morning.) I figured he was long gone, but hoped that the man who was still splitting his wood at age 90 might have the strength to be flipping his breakfast eggs still. I would love to tell him how much his poetry means to me, how he inspires me. How sad I am to know he is gone, and that I missed him by only days!

    Thank you so much, his family, for seeing that his poems got published, and of making it available. I need to get my own copy; will you tell me how? You have lost a wonderful, lovely man. I think God he left some of his heart, soul, and mind behind in his writing.

    Regards, Ruth Holleran in Chester

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