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Tips: Managing the Queue in a Soundrop Room

Here are some tricks you can use to get the most out of the time you spend queuing and voting tracks in Soundrop listening rooms. Spotify Search Syntax Works in Soundrop You may or may not have discovered that the … Continue reading

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Building and Sharing Ordered Playlists in Spotify

Over the past weekend I collected a bunch of tracks I’ve heard recently on Soundrop and put together a Spotify playlist to share with my friends online. For this specific playlist I wanted to order the tracks so that flowed … Continue reading

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Quick-n-Dirty Apache Setup on Ubuntu

sudu apt-get install apache2 How to Install and Configure Apache In Ubuntu Google Search ‘installing apache on kubuntu’

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Git – Distributed Is the New Centralized

Of all the version control systems I’ve used to date, by far my favorite has been Perforce. Perforce is very powerful, has excellent support for both command line and rich graphical tools (e.g. graphical branch history and diff tools are … Continue reading

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Big Data Study Links

This is public notebook entry. No original information here. Just links to big data resources on the web and in print that I’m finding useful as I begin to explore the substance behind the monikers and attempt wetware capture. Currently … Continue reading

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C/C++ Header Encapsulation

I wrote a nice detailed blog post about ten years ago detailing a systematic and sane way to ensure that your large project collection of C/C++ headers don’t get out of control. Unfortunately, it was published on a blog that … Continue reading

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Publishing Previously Unreleased Information About Encapsule Project

My friends, family, and several close business associates know of my quest to create a component software engineering platform based on digital hardware modeling and design metaphors ~10-years ago. Although the effort ultimately failed when I ran out of money … Continue reading

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Crunching Soundrop’s April Track Numbers

Soundrop, the fantastic social music listening application for the Spotify platform, reported recently that they streamed 35 million tracks in April, 2012 (up from 15 million tracks in March). I was curious about the number and how it relates to … Continue reading

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