Publishing Previously Unreleased Information About Encapsule Project

My friends, family, and several close business associates know of my quest to create a component software engineering platform based on digital hardware modeling and design metaphors ~10-years ago. Although the effort ultimately failed when I ran out of money and options, I still believe the core concepts are valuable and I’ve long considered publishing the entire project as open source.

Recently I created another blog and Twitter account dedicated to this effort and have started the process of disclosing the previously unreleased details of the project. So far, I’ve just published some screen shots of the prototype and a whitepaper I wrote in 2003 that details the goals, potential applications, and architecture of the platform. Source code is coming at some point in the future.

If you’re interested, check out the Encapsule Project Blog and/or follow the project on Twitter (@encapsule).


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2 Responses to Publishing Previously Unreleased Information About Encapsule Project

  1. Did you know Rich Reed is still using the Encapsule-built website for North Shore Tile & Marble ?

    • Ha – that’s insane. The application Rich has been using all these years is actually a progenitor of the Encapsule platform. What Rich is using is a monolithic, purpose built code generator with HTML templates that I originally wrote for my own use, extended to support my brother’s need to build fancy product galleries for eBay, and later extended for Rich.

      Each of those guys wanted features that I hadn’t imagined and it turned out to be very time consuming to constantly refactor and augment the application. Ultimately I abandoned the project, gave them each a copy of O’Reilly HTML and told them they better read it because I wasn’t willing to tweak their templates any more.

      Thinking through how I might build an adaptable system that was easy to augment is what led to many of the ideas and ultimately the prototype that I’ve started documenting on

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