Git – Distributed Is the New Centralized

Of all the version control systems I’ve used to date, by far my favorite has been Perforce. Perforce is very powerful, has excellent support for both command line and rich graphical tools (e.g. graphical branch history and diff tools are fantastic). And for individuals / small teams it’s free.

Currently, every digital asset I care about is stored on my Perforce server (code, documents, photos, and music) and I use it to keep these items cleanly synchronized across OSX, Windows, and Linux devices. This works great for me and is super simple. However, it’s complicated and expensive to securely extend this system to ad-hoc collaboration with people on the Internet who I don’t necessarily know and trust. Enter Git created by Linus Torvalds to address systemic challenges managing the evolution of the Linux kernel source.

The major advantage that Git has over VCS’s like Perforce is that it does not require a centralized server.

Seems you can hardly avoid Git these days. Time for me to make the jump. This post is another public notebook entry with useful links I’m saving off for reference:

In practice:

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