Building and Sharing Ordered Playlists in Spotify

Over the past weekend I collected a bunch of tracks I’ve heard recently on Soundrop and put together a Spotify playlist to share with my friends online. For this specific playlist I wanted to order the tracks so that flowed together seamlessly when gapless / track cross-fade is enabled in the Spotify client.

I collected all the tracks I wanted into a new Spotify playlist, and then re-arranged them into the order I wanted, published the playlist and posted a link to my friends. Empirically, my friends can load the playlist and the tracks are in the correct order. However, they’re not in the correct order on all of the devices I have Spotify installed on.

It seems that before I published the playlist, my other devices (my laptop and phone) synchronized with Spotify and cached the playlist metadata. However, the meta-data that’s cached is not up-to-date and so although all the tracks are present in the playlist on my phone and laptop, they’re not in the correct order. So everyone else except me gets to listen in the intended order >:/

Unfortunately, I don’t see any easy way to force my laptop or phone to re-synchronize. I think this is a bug in Spotify but likely not one they’re going to get fixed immediately. So here’s a simple work-around if you’re interested in building ordered Spotify playlists:

  • In your Spotify settings, set ‘publish new playlists automatically’ to disabled.
  • Create a new playlist called “working”.
  • Drag all the tracks you want in your final playlist into the “working” playlist.
  • Arrange the tracks in whatever order you want in the “working” playlist.
  • When you’re satisfied, create another new playlist with your final title.
  • Drag the entire “working” playlist into the final playlist. DO NOT EDIT the final playlist at all.
  • Delete the “working” playlist.
  • Publish the final playlist and share that link with your friends.

In this way you will get the correct order synchronized on all your devices.

If you’re interested, the playlist I was working on is published here:

LOVE (AlpineLakes Picks from Soundrop Electronica Room – play in order w/max crossfade)

Here’s the intended track order: (note that you can get this by simply selecting all the tracks in the playlist and then Copy & Paste)

HQ Special FX – City / Town Garden Ambience
Isotroph – Crossroads
SCSI-9 – Schaukel Duo – Original Mix
Daso – Go Upstairs
Kosheen – Cover
Nicolas Masseyeff – Mugen
Dennis Ferrer – Son Of Raw
Trifonic – Parks On Fire
Fritz Kalkbrenner – Facing The Sun
Lee Jones – Westworld – Original Mix
Fort Fairfield – Falls Road
Sinewave – Wizard Of Ahhhs
Brothomstates – Mdrmx
Petter – Modern Eternity
Mark Ernestus – Mark Ernestus Meets BBC
Dub Specimen – Journey
Eastern Sun – Rapture At Sea
Marquez Ill – Regret (Vector Lovers Remix) – Vector Lovers Remix
Lawrence – Five Leaves
Eastern Sun – Days Gone By
Floating Points – Myrtle Avenue
Julio Bashmore – Ask Yourself (Midland Remix)
Dominik Eulberg – Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen
Fort Fairfield – The Dead Sea Scrolls
Beta to the Max – Intergalactic Elevator
The Knife – Silent Shout
Pupkulies & Rebecca – Save Me
Paul Kalkbrenner – Plätscher
Laid Back – Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix) – Soul Clap Remix
Stimming – Una Pena – Original
Mooryc – All those Moments (Marek Hemmann Remix) – Marek Hemmann Remix
Stephan Bodzin – Callisto
Joris Delacroix – Entourloupe
Dinky – Sealed
Dakar – I’ve Got That Feeling – Original
Elton D – Reflection – Hertz Mix
Marmion – Schöneberg – Roberto Rodriguez Piano Edit
SCSI-9 – Had I But Wings Like Thine – Original Mix
Sound Effects – Static

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  1. omasseau says:

    Thanks for the tips 😉

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