Tips: Managing the Queue in a Soundrop Room

Here are some tricks you can use to get the most out of the time you spend queuing and voting tracks in Soundrop listening rooms.

Spotify Search Syntax Works in Soundrop

You may or may not have discovered that the Spotify client supports complex search expressions. Full details are posted on the Spotify website article Searching Spotify.

What’s cool is that you can use this same syntax inside Soundrop to search the current room’s queue (as well as the Spotify catalog). Briefly:

Search Expression Explanation
artist:Squarepusher Returns all tracks by artist Squarepusher in the room queue followed by Squarepusher tracks in the Spotify catalog.
artist:”Ceephax Acid Crew” Note the use of quotations around arguments containing spaces.
title:Exploding Returns all tracks in the room queue containing the term “Exploding”
title:”Exploding Psychology” Another quoting example.
label:Warp Returns all tracks published on the Warp Records label.
album:”Ground State” Returns tracks on albums entitled “Ground State”
genre:Blues Return all tracks tagged in the Blues genre
artist:Burnside title:Heaven Returns all tracks by artist Burnside containing the word Heaven in the track title.
artist:Yes year:1974 Return all tracks by artist Yes released in 1974.
artist:Yes year:1970-1974 Same as above in the time range 1970-1974.
SpotifyUser Search the current room queue for all tracks queued and voted for by SpotifyUser. e.g. if you’re in a Soundrop room where I hang out and you type my name in the Soundrop search you’ll see everything I’ve queued or voted for. (This is particularly useful).

Credit to friends in the Electronica Room for pointing this out. I’m just writing it down because it’s useful 🙂


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