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Client-side Sammy.js + Knockout.js in Coffeescript

I’ve been working on an HTML5 client application that leverages a bunch of cool Javascript libraries to implement a sophisticated data editing and visualization editor in the browser. In slightly more detail I’m using jQuery (of course), Sammy.js, Knockout.js, and … Continue reading

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Help with Emacs indentation

I can never remember the magic dust to sprinkle in a new ~/.emacs These links helped me get my indentation configuration settings sorted out:

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Soundrop Untethered

Soundrop recently announced a version of their application that executes in the browser and does not rely on the Spotify platform for music content. WAT!? That’s right, Soundrop’s Erlang back-end service talking web sockets to an HTML5 application running in your … Continue reading

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Eric Niebler’s Expressive C++ Article Series on Boost::Proto

Proto is quite mind blowing. Boost C++ Proto library documentation: “By the time the series is done, you’ll be like Neo in the Matrix, seeing your own code as data that you can bend to your will.” – Eric Niebler … Continue reading

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