Soundrop Untethered

Soundrop recently announced a version of their application that executes in the browser and does not rely on the Spotify platform for music content. WAT!? That’s right, Soundrop’s Erlang back-end service talking web sockets to an HTML5 application running in your browser pulling music content from YouTube w/no sign-on, no-account, no-strings.

You can embed a Soundrop listening room in a Facebook page. First you need a Facebook Page (not the same thing as your personal Facebook wall but an actual Page).

Once you have a Facebook page, visit to get started.

That’s cool if you’re a band or something but for the rest of us, creating Facebook pages to host music listening rooms is overkill. Instead, we can simply listen to whatever Soundrop room we desire by simply adding its mangled hash ID to the URL:

For example, the ID code for the “Electronica Room” on Soundrop is VnuOIvKEjZIE7qID

Putting it together, you can listen to the “Electronica Room” on Soundrop right in your browser by clicking the following link:

Currently the only source of the Soundrop room hash codes that I know of is “Share This Room” button in the full Soundrop app running inside the Spotify client. In Spotify/Soundrop room click ‘Share this room’. The room ID is the last portion of the URL path. For example, the Spotify/Soundrop share link for my personal Soundrop room is:

So my Soundrop room ID is W9EW6xig0qLk1ibG.

Replace the ‘open‘ subdomain portion of the URL with ‘play‘ to get the Browser/Soundrop link to your room:

Soundrop sounds best when running in Spotify with a Spotify premium subscription. But free is cool and the audio quality is good enough so that most people probably won’t think it’s that bad.

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