My Post on SCDL and Web Services

I’ve been posting here recently about HTML5 client development without talking a whole lot about what I’m doing with all these call Javascript libraries. I am building a rich editing tool to produce something calls “Soft Circuit Description Language” models encoded in JSON format for Encapsule Project.

Encapsule Project is about building software with circuit models. Circuit models are beautiful but difficult to work with in text. Thus graphical editor project in HTML5.

What’s becoming clear to me is that I’m using HTML5 to build a tool, that could have a fairly profound impact on the way we think about, design, and deploy web applications and services. Some of you may find my Encapsule Project Blog post entitled SCDL and Web Services an interesting read [1].

Comments and questions are welcome!

[1] SCDL stands for “Soft Circuit Description Language” and is pronounced “scuddle“. Or, if you live in Germany and prefer, you may call SCDL SSB (Software-Schaltung Beschreibungssprache). I think it’s cool that there’s a single word for “description language” in German. I couldn’t find another language where that was the case.


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