Sammy.js Just Too Classy?

To be honest I don’t fully comprehend Sammy.js. I wandered in looking for an in-page router I could splice in and it looked simple enough. In fact, I’ve got Sammy.js integrated with Knockout.js in a simple example that I blogged about here recently.

Earlier I started talking about the challenge of routing the particular app I’m designing. I’ve got it mostly worked out in my head at this point but damn it if I can get the Sammy routes to run reliably. I know I’ve messed something up. But it’s proving time consuming to find out what.

So I went out looking and found this great blog post: looks like exactly what I need actually.

I don’t want much more from the router than an easy to use set of low-level primitives I can build on top of.

Postscript: Director documentation is excellent. Nice job


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