Seattle SVG and Web Graphics Meetup

The “Schema” application I’m working on for Encapsule Project will take a heavy dependence on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to provide interactive visualization and editing of the complex dataset that encodes Soft Circuit Description Language (SCDL) system models.

So I am very excited to learn that the author of the forthcoming O’Reilly book HTML5 Graphics with SVG & CSS3, Kurt Cagle, has created a new Seattle-area Meetup group for those interested in SVG. I just happened to come across it this afternoon searching for local data modeling and visualization groups.

Inaugural meeting of the new SVG group is tomorrow night in Issaquah and I am definitely going!

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HTML5 Graphics with SVG & CSS3


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1 Response to Seattle SVG and Web Graphics Meetup

  1. It was just Curt and I tonight so we bagged Starbucks and went to the pub. But how often do you go out on a Friday night and discuss semantic ontologies, hypergraphs, and visualization over good beer? How about never. I had fun. It will be interesting to see who this group attracts in the future.

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