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Patents: Microsoft and Google Announcements

In the news yesterday both Microsoft and Google made announcements related to their patent portfolios. Google publicly pledged not to sue any developer of user of open source software provided they are not first attacked. Microsoft published an Excel spreadsheet … Continue reading

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Cowboy Tombstone :)

My father-in-law forwarded this to me in e-mail. Made me laugh so I thought I would share. Happy Friday. The sun is shining in Puget Sound! A COWBOY TOMBSTONE Here are the Five Rules for Men to Follow for a … Continue reading

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Part-2: Encapsule Schema Window Manager (Knockout.js Goodness)

You can demo a snapshot of the build pictured in the screenshot here: // Please visit the Encapsule Project Blog for more details about what this app is going to do. I’ve still got an off-by-one pixel alignment issue getting the … Continue reading

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Building A Super Cool Window Manager w/Knockout.js for the Schema App

I’ve been busy working on a “window manager” for the Encapsule Project Schema application based on the Knockout.js Model-View/View-Model (MVVM) Javascript library. Firstly, I’ve had some good things to say about Knockout.js based on my first set of experiments and continue to … Continue reading

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Transparent Browser?

Is there a way to configure the web browser so that it renders w/no chrome whatsoever, and complete transparent (i.e. document style=”opacity: 0.00001″)? Really this is what we need from the browser to allow HTML 5 to realize its full … Continue reading

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Link: PartSim Browser-Based Circuit Design/Simulation

I’ve been looking what others have done in the browser-based design tool space related to my work on the Schema application. PartSim allows you design circuits and simulate them in the browser using SPICE. And, it’s free.

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Project Link:

This is cool: These guys have put together a very cool open source, browser-based development platform for building embedded projects on Arduino single-board computers. This looks exceptionally useful and fairly simple to understand. Nice work! I signed up for … Continue reading

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LEGO Antikythera Mechanism

Here’s another great video. This time a LEGO reproduction of the Greek Antikythera Mechanism recovered in 1901 from a shipwreck after being lost for 2000 years.

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LEGO Turing Machine

I’m too dumb to understand Turing Machine Models at a deep and satisfying level without some sort of visual aid. This is why I love the LEGO Turing Machine project. Check this out: That’s the coolest video I’ve seen in … Continue reading

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Two Paths: The Encapsule Project Mission Explained

The organizers of the Seattle Graph Database group pinged and asked if I would be interested in presenting “Schema” and talking about modeling systems with mathematical graphs at an upcoming meetup in Seattle. Absolutely, YES! Schema what? Right. I’ve been … Continue reading

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