Patents: Microsoft and Google Announcements

In the news yesterday both Microsoft and Google made announcements related to their patent portfolios.

Google publicly pledged not to sue any developer of user of open source software provided they are not first attacked.

Microsoft published an Excel spreadsheet with a list of their patents. I was curious so I went beyond the press release and download the spreadsheet and loaded it up… Two things: Firstly why am I looking at this in Excel and not in the browser. Second, the data in the spreadsheet is utterly worthless. No links, internal patent #’s that can’t be correlated with USPO, tons of duplicate entries… Meh.

So Google wins: their pledge is important and I think they have made a shrewd move.

As usual, just my humble opinion 🙂

P.S. I’m listed as an inventor on several MS patents that are on file w/the USPO (e.g. But I could not find them in the MS spreadsheet so in addition to dupes, I think the list is incomplete.

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