Got my LEAP in the Mail Today

I received my LEAP Motion device in the mail this morning but my initial enthusiasm was quickly replaced with frustration… Fifteen minutes later it’s back in the box.

I was hoping to use the device to emulate multi-touch and provide an alternative Human Interface Device (HID). But… “out-of-the-box” that’s not what you get.

I tried installing the “Touchless” app from the LEAP Store on this Windows 7 box. It’s insanely difficult to use (like mousing while having a seizure). And, it only seems to work on one out of three HD monitors connected to this workstation so my primary intended use case seems not to be possible.

Going to have another go at it later on my MacBook but so far my experience has not been good.

James Plafke’s review of the device on ExtremeTech pretty much sums it up: Time to Replace Your Mouse?

Not in my opinion. Not yet anyway.

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2 Responses to Got my LEAP in the Mail Today

  1. Hi Chris,

    We do understand your frustration with the device.

    We have released Leap Motion Controller app, Pointable which hopefully will make the device useful for OS control.
    The Pointable website:

    Is it new and thus we are working hard to improve the software. Please do contact us if you have any suggestions/issues.


    Regards, Boon Jin

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