Bossie Awards 2013: Best Open Source App Dev Tools

Bossie Awards 2013: The best open source application development tools

I’ve extracted the list and links from the slides for easy reference. A couple I haven’t heard of before here.  I am most interested in the top Javascript libraries personally but something for everyone here.

  1. Bootstrap
  2. LESS
  3. AngularJS
  4. Backbone.js
  5. Enyo
  6. JQuery
  7. Ember.js
  8. Emscripten
  9. D3
  10. X3DOM
  11. PhoneGap/Cordova
  12. Modo Labs Kurogo
  13. Node.js
  14. OpenShift
  15. Cloud Foundry
  16. XAMPP
  17. Adobe Brackets
  18. Notepad++ 8|
  19. Apache Shiro
  20. Jenkins
  21. Enalean Tuleap
  22. Scala
  23. Ruby (link broken in the slides)
  24. Python
  25. Django
  26. IPython
  27. Raspberry Pi
  28. Arduino

I would like to see my work up on this list someday… Back to work – the damn code doesn’t write itself (yet).

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