Been Busy in 2015

Haven’t had too much time this year for this blog. I’ve been busy working to launch in Seattle and spend most of my time writing code, or worrying about business these days.

It’s really hard to know if I’ll succeed this time with I do know that the same set of issues that I set out to solve in 2000 once and for all still plague the software industry systemically.

It’s all pretty complicated (the tech, the people, the business). Still, it matters to me that the world stops wasting so much damn time re-writing crap software when (a) re-use can be engineered into the process [1] (b) the saved time can be spent to solve the worlds truly pressing issues.

I wrote an essay about it earlier this year that I published on Medium:

Software design should be a highly-automated collaboration between men and machine.

Find me most days heads-down at the Impact HUB Bellevue. And online at:


[1] If you own a smart phone, you’re holding in your hand the manifestation of a design and engineering process carried out virtually by thousands of people all over the world who ensured that the system was largely perfect before any of the semiconductor chips were ever even manufactured. That same sort of efficiency will come to the world of software. It’s just a matter of time. And, we’re a whole lot closer than people imagine 🙂

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