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Orbital Radio

Orbital Radio

For about about ten years I ran a Shoutcast server on a Linux box in my basement for my friends that I called Orbital Radio (we listened to a lot tracks from the UK electronica band Orbital at the time).

Also, I had (have) a massive collection of MP3 files so I wrote a script that recursively enumerated my collection and generated a simple website providing random access via HTTP streaming to everything.

The whole setup was totally illegal but I had friends in the ops department at my cable provider (those guys were actually my primarily listeners) and I wasn’t running any P2P so my obscure little operation went unnoticed.

Fast forward to today. The whole things in the cloud, better than ever, legal, and free thanks to Soundrop.

Soundrop is a sophisticated group listening and music sharing application for the Spotify platform that I use pretty much every day to listen to music and chat and share recommendations with friends.

Here are several other rooms on Soundrop that I like:

Visit Soundrop.com...

Thanks to my friends at Soundrop, Oslo, Norway.



One Response to Orbital Radio on Soundrop

  1. My favorite tracks from January, 2013 are posted here in a Spotify playlist:


    I’ve got this list on shuffle in the Orbital Radio room currently. Enjoy!

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