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“Spring Bear” – A Short Film

I thought this was funny. Crystal Mountain is truly a magical place. Advertisements

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Happy Fools Day: Gmail Blue

I lot this year’s technology farses were lame. Except this one’s funny:

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Happy Fools Day: LAMBIT

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Cowboy Tombstone :)

My father-in-law forwarded this to me in e-mail. Made me laugh so I thought I would share. Happy Friday. The sun is shining in Puget Sound! A COWBOY TOMBSTONE Here are the Five Rules for Men to Follow for a … Continue reading

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Two Paths: The Encapsule Project Mission Explained

The organizers of the Seattle Graph Database group pinged and asked if I would be interested in presenting “Schema” and talking about modeling systems with mathematical graphs at an upcoming meetup in Seattle. Absolutely, YES! Schema what? Right. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Don’t Be The Crack Spider’s Bitch

Actually, before I get back to mashing graphs I’m going to watch this one more time for a good laugh 🙂

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$733M for a Dialog Box

I guess the EU didn’t buy Microsoft’s explanation that a “technical glitch” resulted in EU Windows customers not being given a choice to remove IE and install a competing web browser. Now Microsoft is on the hook for a whopping … Continue reading

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