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Here’s a great web app for locating trails in Washington State. According to what little information is available from the authors, they’re leveraging data from the Washington Trails Association website and overlaying on the map with killer search features. Very … Continue reading

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Silkscreen Poster Artists of Note

A quick post to capture links to several of my favorite poster artists from Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle: <– Absolutely amazing concert posters <– Minimalist silk screened fine art posters

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Space 1999 – Man I Loved This Show

Man – I used to love the 70’s science fiction show Space 1999 when I was kid. I just realized that the episodes are up on YouTube. No time to watch now but I’m definitely going to hit this hard … Continue reading

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Reconnoitering the Ridge over Walupt Lake

On a recent camping trip with friends, I made a trail up a short but steep peak overlooking Walupt Lake in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  I thought I was going out for a short walk from camp but my … Continue reading

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Deep Glitch Spotify Playlist

Orbital Radio :: Deep Glitch Featuring: mr76ix, Proem, Clark, The Flashbulb, Spunkshine, Autechre, Almighty Sion, KiloWatts, and Plaid Glitch Explained, Spotify, Soundrop [edit] several hours later … this playlist is proving to be an excellent code writing companion.

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Ungourmet Vegatarian – Great Blog

I met the author of the “Ungourmet Vegatarian” blog hiking this weekend and I am reading her article on tarka – the Indian technique of imbuing oil with flavor by frying spices. Really nice blog and she’s got a free e-book available for … Continue reading

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Here’s My Idea for the Collapsed I-90 Bridge In WA

Just a thought 🙂 No serious injuries makes this fair game.

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BBC Musical Perception Test

A friend from the UK forwarded a link to an online musical perception test produced by the BBC in cooperation with some UK researchers. It was really interesting. The hardest part of the test for me was the “music memory” … Continue reading

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Chatty Tree Swallows: Are they talking? I think yes.

I’m fascinated with the complex vocalizations of the tree swallows that nest around my house and office. To me their “conversations” sound something like an old telecommunications modem. I haven’t been able to find out much about this on the … Continue reading

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“Spring Bear” – A Short Film

I thought this was funny. Crystal Mountain is truly a magical place.

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