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Deep Glitch Spotify Playlist

Orbital Radio :: Deep Glitch Featuring: mr76ix, Proem, Clark, The Flashbulb, Spunkshine, Autechre, Almighty Sion, KiloWatts, and Plaid Glitch Explained, Spotify, Soundrop [edit] several hours later … this playlist is proving to be an excellent code writing companion.

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AlpineLakes Stars 2013.01

My starred Spotify tracks from January, 2013 (mostly electronica): The playlist is also shuffling on Orbital Radio:

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Tips: Managing the Queue in a Soundrop Room

Here are some tricks you can use to get the most out of the time you spend queuing and voting tracks in Soundrop listening rooms. Spotify Search Syntax Works in Soundrop You may or may not have discovered that the … Continue reading

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Building and Sharing Ordered Playlists in Spotify

Over the past weekend I collected a bunch of tracks I’ve heard recently on Soundrop and put together a Spotify playlist to share with my friends online. For this specific playlist I wanted to order the tracks so that flowed … Continue reading

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Crunching Soundrop’s April Track Numbers

Soundrop, the fantastic social music listening application for the Spotify platform, reported recently that they streamed 35 million tracks in April, 2012 (up from 15 million tracks in March). I was curious about the number and how it relates to … Continue reading

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Fun with Spotify & Soundrop

I’ve been a big fan of the Spotify music platform since it launched in the U.S. last year. Spotify hosts a massive online archive of music available for streaming. Wikipedia states that Spotify’s catalog comprised 15-million tracks in July, 2011. … Continue reading

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How to Kill a Year’s Worth of Effort w/One Mouse Click

I recently discovered what I consider to be a major design flaw in the Zune client software that allows some idiot like me to accidentally select their entire music collection (in my case in excess of 25K tracks) and change … Continue reading

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Let There Be Bass (Electric)

Sitting here half watching the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival on PBS Great Performances and suddenly – wow… Okay Jeff Beck (one of my personal favorites from way back) is jamming… But, who is this kid he’s got up on … Continue reading

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Ishkur’s Guide To Electronic Music

Man this is great! Check this out:

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Hey This is Cool: searches club websites and sends you email when your favorite bands come to town. That’s cool!   For example: TourFilter Calendar for Seattle Washington

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