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Here’s My Idea for the Collapsed I-90 Bridge In WA

Just a thought 🙂 No serious injuries makes this fair game.

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The Gorgeous 2014 911 GT3

Porsche recently unveiled the new 911 GT3 at the Geneva Auto Show. The 911 needs no introduction. The new GT3 is amazing. And, it’s gorgeous. Take a look.,0,7069619.story

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Cool Paper Models of the Zonda Supercar

In Forza 4 I rock the Zonda. Came across this cool video: … and these cool kits: $5 / kit – I’m going to make one 🙂

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For Sale by Owner: 2008 Mazdaspeed3 GT Trim Hatchback w/Upgrades

For Sale by Owner: 2008 Mazdaspeed3 GT Trim Hatchback w/Upgrades.

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Drive Photos

^– Dave’s RX8 and my Evo X at Randal, WA pit stop before launching into the Mt. St. Helen’s Volcanic Monument. ^– Heading East on WA 14 towards White Salmon on the banks of the Hood River. ^– Jake found … Continue reading

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Cruise To Mt. St. Helens

I haven’t posted for awhile. Been busy @ work and around the house on weekends. But last Saturday I didn’t write code or work in the yard. Instead I cruised with eighteen other Mazda 3’s (mostly Mazdaspeed 3’s) driven by … Continue reading

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2008 Mazdaspeed3 Slot Car

This is a great little car…    I don’t drive like this but I think this video is pretty amusing nonetheless.          This is good review. Watch the torque steer…      

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