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Transparent Browser?

Is there a way to configure the web browser so that it renders w/no chrome whatsoever, and complete transparent (i.e. document style=”opacity: 0.00001″)? Really this is what we need from the browser to allow HTML 5 to realize its full … Continue reading

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Links: Using HTML5 Web Storage for Interprocess Communication This is an interesting article that I came across researching ideas for supporting multiple monitors in a single-page, offline-cached, HTML5 client app. I’m specifically interested to learn if I can leverage IndexedDB transactions and events to implement this scheme … Continue reading

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My Post on SCDL and Web Services

I’ve been posting here recently about HTML5 client development without talking a whole lot about what I’m doing with all these call Javascript libraries. I am building a rich editing tool to produce something calls “Soft Circuit Description Language” models … Continue reading

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C/C++ Header Encapsulation

I wrote a nice detailed blog post about ten years ago detailing a systematic and sane way to ensure that your large project collection of C/C++ headers don’t get out of control. Unfortunately, it was published on a blog that … Continue reading

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Publishing Previously Unreleased Information About Encapsule Project

My friends, family, and several close business associates know of my quest to create a component software engineering platform based on digital hardware modeling and design metaphors ~10-years ago. Although the effort ultimately failed when I ran out of money … Continue reading

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Restricting Follow-up Comments on Blog Postings

I was over reading some of the comments posted on Mark Russinovich’s recent blog posting on his first week at Microsoft and found many of them to be pretty annoying. (See: The First Week). Live Spaces allows you to configure … Continue reading

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