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HTML 5 Application Cache Oddities

I typically use Chrome and because I’m working on a single-page app that leverages the application cache HTML 5 feature I frequently jump into┬áchrome://appcache-internals/┬áto clear stuff out for testing. I note that very few websites that I visit actually leverage … Continue reading

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HTML Application Cache Race Condition

I’ve been noticing that when my single-page HTML5 application loads, the class I wrote to monitor the status of the application cache on page load occasionally goes out to lunch and hangs the page during bootstrapping. The Mozilla docs on … Continue reading

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Single-Page Cached HTML5 Application Bootstrapping

Bootstrapper demo: http://www.chrisrussell.net/html5/bootstrapper/ You can follow links in the demo page to the sources on GitHub if you’re interested. The link above will drop you into the root directory of the demo HTML5 app. I’ve intentionally disabled the redirect to … Continue reading

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