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Moving on to IndexedDB

I’m more or less satisfied with the routing solution I came up with yesterday ¬†based on Director.js so today I’m moving on to the apps IndexedDB store. Here’s a useful link:¬†http://caniuse.com/#search=IndexedDB I hadn’t realized that IndexedDB support is currently limited … Continue reading

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Links: Using HTML5 Web Storage for Interprocess Communication

http://www.wintellect.com/CS/blogs/jprosise/archive/2011/03/10/using-html5-web-storage-for-interprocess-communication.aspx This is an interesting article that I came across researching ideas for supporting multiple monitors in a single-page, offline-cached, HTML5 client app. I’m specifically interested to learn if I can leverage IndexedDB transactions and events to implement this scheme … Continue reading

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IndexedDB and JQuery

I’m going to use IndexedDB for a web application I’m writing. Searching for concise IndexedDB API examples in Javascript led me to Parashuram N’s jquery-indexeddb repo on GitHub. This plug-in for JQuery looks to be just exactly what I need. … Continue reading

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