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Preparing to Release Yet Another Javascript Framework

Seems there are a lot of popular Javascript frameworks out there. But none up to the task of building a CAD program in HTML 5. My work on Encapsule Project Schema (a single-page HTML 5 app that wants to be … Continue reading

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Daily Schema App Snapshot

Added a spinner and started working on Sammy routes. It’s actually quite an interesting multi-dimensional design challenge. The in-page routes that I want to handle with Sammy represent “navigation way point” in a session history such that user can conveniently … Continue reading

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Offline Status Detection in HTML5 Applications

Jim Lehmer’s blog post on the subject nails it: http://ednortonengineeringsociety.blogspot.com/2010/10/detecting-offline-status-in-html-5.html Also: https://github.com/devinrhode2/check-online Excellent.  

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