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Deep Glitch Spotify Playlist

Orbital Radio¬†::¬†Deep Glitch Featuring: mr76ix, Proem, Clark, The Flashbulb, Spunkshine, Autechre, Almighty Sion, KiloWatts, and Plaid Glitch Explained, Spotify, Soundrop [edit] several hours later … this playlist is proving to be an excellent code writing companion.

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Some of my Favorite Tracks Right Now

I admit it. I’m addicted to music. Spotify and Soundrop are my drug. Lately, Betoko and Maya Jane Coles tracks are stuck in my head I just can’t get enough. Here’s a short playlist. http://open.spotify.com/user/alpinelakes/playlist/5ZAY2AcfE3cUGlXsDlHqq3 I love this shit.

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Building and Sharing Ordered Playlists in Spotify

Over the past weekend I collected a bunch of tracks I’ve heard recently on Soundrop and put together a Spotify playlist to share with my friends online. For this specific playlist I wanted to order the tracks so that flowed … Continue reading

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