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An Interesting Visualization Project Idea

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bijective_function Perhaps put together an interactive D3js visualization that recognizes and labels these relationships would help me gain a more intuitive understanding of this interesting topic.

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Bubble Any Page

Interesting use of D3js: http://www.infocaptor.com/bubble-my-page?url=blog.chrisrussell.net&size=800

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LEGO Antikythera Mechanism

Here’s another great video. This time a LEGO reproduction of the Greek¬†Antikythera Mechanism recovered in 1901 from a shipwreck after being lost for 2000 years.

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LEGO Turing Machine

I’m too dumb to understand Turing Machine Models at a deep and satisfying level without some sort of visual aid. This is why I love the LEGO Turing Machine project. Check this out: That’s the coolest video I’ve seen in … Continue reading

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Ray Tracing in the Browser

Came across this demo and thought it was interesting. http://tech.pusherhq.com/sandbox/raytracer

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