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Rockies Swept

Sweet. I orderred my Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Champions baseball cap this AM. I’ll keep it next to my 2004 World Series cap

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WS Game Four and Slam the Door?

Well… I really didn’t expect that the Red Sox would go up 3-0 on the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. There was a lot of hype about the Rockies in the press but so far, there’s only been a … Continue reading

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Ishkur’s Guide To Electronic Music

Man this is great! Check this out:

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Yankees Down in Flames

Sweet. Sox vs. Indians for the AL Championship Friday night, 7:30 EST in Fenway broadcast on FOX.

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Live Spaces and IE 7 Crash…

Here’s a good one: If I log into my Live Spaces account and attempt to change the layout, IE7 crashes with an unhandled exception every time (running on Windows XP). Hmm… maybe I’ll submit some feedback. Or file a bug … Continue reading

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Xcerion Xios   XIOS, an "XML Operating System" from Swedish Xcerion is an interesting system. However, XIOS is not an operating system. Rather, it is a fancy scripting host that sits atop a real operating system.

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Safe Labels in C++

An excellent new article on Artima C++ describes techiques for leveraging macros and templates to perform compile-time validation on normally error-prone (i.e. dangerous) bit-level manipulations.

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