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Quick-n-Dirty Apache Setup on Ubuntu

sudu apt-get install apache2 How to Install and Configure Apache In Ubuntu Google Search ‘installing apache on kubuntu’

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Git – Distributed Is the New Centralized

Of all the version control systems I’ve used to date, by far my favorite has been Perforce. Perforce is very powerful, has excellent support for both command line and rich graphical tools (e.g. graphical branch history and diff tools are … Continue reading

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Big Data Study Links

This is public notebook entry. No original information here. Just links to big data resources on the web and in print that I’m finding useful as I begin to explore the substance behind the monikers and attempt wetware capture. Currently … Continue reading

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100 Rules for NASA Project Managers

This link made the rounds on one of my mailing lists earlier today. 100 Rules for NASA Project Managers

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Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet

Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet ^- A great cheat sheet cited in a recent post on Lambda the Ultimate – The Programming Languages Weblog. I wish I remembered all of this from my undergraduate EE / CS days… At least … Continue reading

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